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and Bitcoin enthusiast 

Born and raised in Longview, Texas, Alicia Yoder was drawing blueprints and hanging out at job sites before she could even see over a steering wheel. Her father, Noah Yoder, owned and operated Noah's Construction for over 30 years. Her mother, Brenda Yoder, was the interior designer as well as the founder of Operation Clean Sweep, a non-profit which built housing for lower-income families in East Texas. This environment laid the groundwork for finding her passion in all things real estate. Alicia started her journey in real estate sales. She was molded by one of the finest Real Estate Brokerages in the Pineywoods. After just one year in the business, she was named Rookie of the Year by the Longview Area Association of Realtors.  After many years as a REALTOR ®, Alicia found her niche. Her passion for economics, serving people with integrity, and building wealth through real estate investing led her to obtain her TX Real Estate Broker's license and start MARBLEWOOD REAL ESTATE LLC.


It wasn't long before things progressed and MARBLEWOOD CONSTRUCTION became a natural extension. After almost 8 years of exploring all aspects of real estate, it was the construction that really excited Alicia the most. And since that realization, she has been full-steam perfecting her craft as a contractor.  Alicia is full of energy and enthusiasm, loves to make people laugh, and is an incredibly hard worker. Whether you want to buy, sell, lease, build or rehab a commercial or residential property, MARBLEWOOD CONSTRUCTION can assist you from start to finish. 

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